More than just an antenna, a whole sales system...

BTS Wholesale Services provides a product your customers want and delivers a strategy system that gets you results.

BTS Network Associate get access to a treasure trove of marketing strategy and support to help you succeed.

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Exclusive BTS Network Associate Perks

Trouble-Free Customer Support, all you have to do is stock, sell, and profit

Dedicated BTS Learning Center and Installation Support

1-Year warranty with LAVA and extended 2nd Year Limited Warranty and Lifetime Tech Support with BetterTvSignal

Unparallelled Sales Support...

Digital Marketing Services

  • Strategies and insights on how to reach intro digital sales channels for bigger profits

  • Digital marketing and advertisment services to reach a wider audience

Brick & Mortar Services

  • Merchandising strategy, encap/promo fixtures

  • Collateral, signage, and more!

Additional rewards, discounts, and bonus services

Loyalty rewards and volume discounts for high-scoring network partners

Additional one-on-one marketing and biz dev consultations on how to level-up your sales

You're Never Alone in the BTS Sales Network

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