Meet Eric of Hale Hardware...

Hale Hardware #4524 Hale, Michigan

Hale Hardware of Hale, MI has been a BTS Wholesale dealer carrying LAVA Antennas since 2012. Eight years and over 400 antennas sold later, Hale Hardware is glad they made the plunge to a better TV signal.

Q: Eric, how did you come across and start selling LAVA antennas?

A: “Previously we sold the old stye boom antennas, but after the digital change those 8ft-10ft antennas no longer did the job in our area, signals are weak here and they stopped working. And as expected, those regular antennas stopped selling, but it was a customer that recommended us to LAVA antennas, we gave one a try and it actual did the job, for those in the area wanting channels without paying a $100 cable bill, this turned out to be their only

option. Ever since then we’ve been selling LAVA antennas, we even use one in our breakroom here at the store, it really brings in the channels.”

Q: Do LAVA antennas work and sell?

A: “Yes, if it sells here with our weak signals, I can only imagine how well it will do for those in the city or closer to stron- ger signals. We don’t give it a second thought, whenever we’re down to our last case, we order four more cases and have been doing so 2-3-4 times a year for the past 8 years, they’ve become a permanent part of our sales merchandise.”

Q: Eric, would you recommend LAVA to your fellow hardware vendors?

A: “Absolutely, based on our years of positive experience with the antenna and the support given by BetterTvSignal, we would highly recommend LAVA to other vendors, its become our “Go-To” antenna.”

Thank you Eric & Hale Hardware!

Don’t wait for a customer to recommend LAVA before you start stocking, order your LAVA Test-Drive trial case TODAY! Don’t think there’s an alternative to the old style antennas? There is with LAVA’s Amplified antennas, with its Built-In amplifier, we are able to give your customers the ability to “Cut the Cord”!

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How does our 90-day Guarantee work?

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3. If by the end of your 90 days you are not satisfied with what our best-selling LAVA antennas can do for you, we will buy back any remaining units, we'll even cover shipping...simple as that! 

Our retail store dealers on average experience a 3-5 week sellthrough per case, their customers love LAVA antennas, and we're confident your customers will too.

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